Every quarter, insitutional investment managers who have over $100,000,000 AUM must disclose their portfolios holdings to the SEC. These disclosures give the public a glimpse into which companies large funds are investing in. Many look to these managers for investment guidance and portfolio construction.

STOCKGEN was developed for people who want to track large investors. Before the inception of STOCKGEN, the only way to do this was to look up each investor's holdings individually. This can be a very tedious and time-consuming process. First, one has to know "who" to research. Second, one has to locate each of their top positions. Third, one would like to know which companies they are making conviction bets on. Finally, one would want to know the fund's newest, freshest ideas.


STOCKGEN was built to solve these problems. STOCKGEN follows extremely shrewd investment funds. STOCKGEN locates their top-holdings. At the push of a button (Safe Bets), one can find top-holdings of top-performing hedge funds. STOCKGEN generates their conviction bets. At the push of a button (Gambler), STOCKGEN will list the fund's conviction bets. It locates positions where they increased their position the most on share count percentage basis. Finally, at the push of a button (Innovator), STOCKGEN will list their newest positions. This will find the newest purchases for each fund, and can be helpful in identifying innovative technologies.